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Who We Are, What We Do

Cooper-Gordon LLP is a boutique law firm specializing in the practice of Family Law, Probate, Trusts and Estates Administration and Litigation and Estate Planning. Cooper-Gordon LLP utilizes a team approach where each case is handled by a Partner and an Associate. With over sixty years of combined experience, the Partners, as Family Law Specialists, certified by the State Bar of California in 1990, are able to offer the invaluable expertise generally associated with large law firms. Yet, due to the small size of Cooper-Gordon LLP, all the attorneys are able to provide skilled and responsive personalized attention to each and every matter, whether it involves Family Law, Probate, Trusts and Estates Administration and Litigation and/or Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts).

  • Los Angeles Attorneys Practicing Family Law Using Skills, Tools and Resources to Reach the Right Result Through Litigation, Mediation and/or Collaborative Law
    • Cooper-Gordon LLP serves clientele with simple dissolutions or non-marital relationships as well as those with extraordinarily complex issues including tracing, asset identification and asset valuation for particularly extensive estates. Cooper-Gordon LLP's family law services also include child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, modification of Orders and Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements.

  • Los Angeles Attorneys Practicing Estate Planning (Trusts and Wills), Trusts and Estates Administration and Litigation and Probate (Including Conservatorships and Guardianships.
    • Cooper-Gordon LLP serves clientele with simple estate planning needs, such as Simple Wills and Revocable (Living) Trusts, as well as those requiring assistance in overseeing the administration and potential litigation of Probate and Trust Estates. For over thirty (30) years, Cooper-Gordon LLP has handled all aspects of Probate Law, including Conservatorships, Guardianships, Trust Litigation and Probate, where highly contentious areas of law often involve cross-over family law issues.

  • Los Angeles Attorneys utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
    • Cooper-Gordon LLP prefers to resolve matters using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Such services include mediation, negotiation and collaborative law. The use of such services enables clients to have more control throughout the process, thereby enhancing the Parties' satisfaction in case outcomes and increasing the likelihood of compliance with any final agreements. However, when it becomes apparent that the opposing side is unwilling to cooperate, the Attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP are prepared to vigorously litigate in order to properly protect their clients.

  • Serving our community since 1979
    • Facing and overcoming a serious legal problem is not always easy. Anxiety, financial worries and fear of the unknown can cast a dark cloud over your future. In this situation, a person needs sound advice from an experienced attorney.

      Cooper-Gordon LLP has been helping clients in the Greater Los Angeles area make sound family law and estate planning decisions since 1979. We want to help you move forward to the next stage of your life with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Our Mission
    • At Cooper-Gordon LLP, our mission is to help our clients make sound decisions in matters involving family law, divorce, paternity, prenuptial agreements, custody litigation, child support, spousal support, and post-judgment modifications. We also prepare all forms of estate planning documents, including Wills, Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Education Trusts, Generation-Skipping Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts and Pet Trusts. Cooper-Gordon LLP handles all aspects of Probate, including estates and trusts administration and litigation, conservatorships and Guardianships. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate.

      Our desire and practice is to resolve legal matters in a way that is most appropriate for your situation, using litigation, collaboration or mediation, or a combination of methodologies. We look at each situation pragmatically, but with sensitivity to the emotional component and try to find a solution that is equitable, while being mindful of the costs, both financially and emotionally. We employ members of the firm with the skills necessary to bring to each client the most positive outcome, both personally for themselves as well as their loved ones. We handle each client individually with concern for their well-being in addition bringing to the relationship the highest level of skill and expertise.

      We are counselors and advocates, trusted advisors and defenders of your rights.

      We care about you, your family and your future.

  • Our Practice
    • Cooper-Gordon LLP practices exclusively in the areas of family law, divorce law and estate law. Focusing on these areas enables us to provide legal solutions of the highest quality, in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

      In every matter we handle, our attorneys carefully explain the client's legal options, the likely outcomes of those options and other factors that could affect the outcome of the case. With this information, our clients can make the right decision about their legal representation.

  • Our Philosophy
    • In the practice of divorce law, sometimes there are no easy answers. You have rights, but so does your spouse. Cooper-Gordon LLP seeks to resolve divorce and related problems in a way that protects our client's rights, provides a healthy environment for the children and enables the client to move forward in a positive way.

      Usually, this means a cost-effective, negotiated settlement that achieves an acceptable and workable resolution of outstanding legal issues. The Attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP generally prefer utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution services because their clients are often more satisfied with their case outcomes." Client satisfaction is Cooper-Gordon LLP's number one priority. If we cannot reach a settlement on those terms, however, we will seek a resolution through assertive litigation. We are experienced litigators and have handled hundreds of contested cases which cover the spectrum of contested family law issues, including disputes concerning custody, property division and support.

      When dealing with trusts and estates issues, we recommend the simplest and most efficient way of protecting your estate from taxes and needless legal expenses, whenever possible. As is the case with our family law practice, our focus is on you, the client, and attempting to see to it that your estate is administered in the best way possible. Again, if need be, we are experienced in court proceedings including probates, will contests, and other trust and estate related court proceedings.

      Our highest priority is the protection of your rights and the betterment of your future.

For a consultation with a lawyer at Cooper-Gordon LLP with main offices located in Santa Monica, California, call 800-561-6322, or contact us online. We offer initial consultations at a reduced rate.