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Probate & Trust Administration

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Los Angeles Probate & Trust Administration Attorney

Timely and Efficient Probate Administration Services

When a person who has a will dies and the estate is less than $100,000, no probate is necessary. If the estate exceeds $100,000, a probate may in fact be necessary.

The first step is to determine whether a probate is necessary. Estates governed by living trusts are not subject to probate. Nor, for that matter, are estates consisting entirely of joint tenancy assets or pay-on-death accounts.

If it has been determined that a probate is necessary, the process usually begins by requesting that the court determine that the will is authentic and that the court appoint the person designated in the will as the estate's executor. If there is no will, then a petition is filed to request the appointment of an administrator.

The executor or administrator is often referred to as the personal representative or "P.R." The personal representative's duties are to marshal the assets, file an inventory, provide notice to predators, pay bills and taxes and, when these tasks are accomplished, to petition the court to close the estate.

Cooper-Gordon LLP can advise and assist the personal representative in all aspects of the probate administration process. Our experience can help the P.R. resolve outstanding issues relating to the valuation of estate assets, ownership of real property and other probate administration matters that can sometimes lead to Complex Estate & Trust Litigation.

Our goal is to achieve a speedy, trouble-free and efficient closing of the estate.

Trust Administration Services

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Cooper-Gordon LLP represents trustees and assists them in setting up trusts, including "AB trusts," special needs trusts and other trust vehicles. Many people make the mistake of failing to appoint a lawyer to administer the trust following the transfer of assets. This can lead to trust litigation if the trust is not properly administered. Cooper-Gordon LLP can serve as a trust administrator, as well as advisor, on all trust administration and compliance matters.

For a consultation with Cooper-Gordon LLP with main offices located in Santa Monica, California, call 800-561-6322, or contact us online. We offer initial consultations at a reduced rate to serve clients in the Los Angeles, California, area.