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Los Angeles Guardianships Attorney

Guardianships are established through the same procedure as Conservatorships. Unlike conservatorships, instead of being designed for "adults," guardianships are designed for people who are under the age of 18.

Minors who acquire Estates (often as the result of a death of a parent or from an inheritance) may need a Guardian to manage and maintain their financial affairs.

Like Conservatorships, Guardianships are also faceted; they can either be for the "Person," for the "Estate," or for both.

A minor who receives life insurance proceeds as the result of the death of a parent (even though the other parent may still be alive) may require a Guardianship.

Likewise, minors who are placed in the temporary care of a relative (often a grandparent, aunt or uncle) may consider utilizing this legal procedure to provide proof that said relative has authority over the minor child. If parents are absent from the area for a brief period of time, a Guardian may be appointed to supervise the minor child's education and well-being.

Sometimes relatives are appointed as Guardians to enable the minor child to obtain particular health insurance or to enable the relative to enroll the minor child in a particular school.

As is the case with a Conservatorship, a Guardianship can also be "temporary" or "permanent" in nature but can be terminated if the Guardianship is no longer needed.

As is also the case with Conservatorships, if a Guardian takes charge of the minor's financial affairs, he or she must file an inventory and periodic accountings. Unlike Conservatorships, which do not end automatically at any time, Guardianships end when the minor child attains the age of 18.

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