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Estate Plans for Same Sex Couples

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California Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples

Los Angeles Attorneys Handling Domestic Partner Inheritance Issues

The establishment of trusts, wills or other estate planning tools is useful in protecting assets and designating beneficiaries for those assets upon the death of the will or trust's creator. Estate planning is especially important for gay and lesbian couples because, unlike in traditional marriage relationships, the assets may not automatically pass on to the domestic partner unless the desire is explicitly expressed.

The attorneys at Gordon-Cooper LLP represent both straight and same-sex couples in estate planning, guardianship and conservatorship matters. We inform clients of the various estate plan and wealth management tools available to them, and help determine the best option according to their financial situation and goals.

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Estate Planning Disputes

In cases where a person designates a domestic partner as the sole or primary beneficiary of estate assets, contests may arise as to whether that person is a lawful heir. Similarly, a contest may involve questions as to whether there should be some further consideration regarding distributing assets to related family members.

There may also be some hesitancy in allowing a same-sex partner to make decisions regarding the medical care of an incapacitated person, or even to visit that person in the hospital.

The estate planning lawyers at Cooper-Gordon LLP have experience in handling all of these issues. We understand the struggles that same-sex partners face and we will work with our clients to help ensure they have the necessary documents to carry out their wishes regarding personal and financial matters.

No matter what your domestic situation, we are here to achieve results for you.

Power of Attorney

Just as important as naming your loved one a beneficiary in a will or trust, is naming him or her the agent to carry out your end-of-life decisions. A power of attorney can grant your partner specific or general powers over your financial and medical affairs. Similar to administering an estate, your partner may not automatically be granted these powers unless you specifically grant them through a legal document.

There are two primary types of power of attorney:

  • A special power of attorney grants the agent some powers and limits others. The document should explicitly state the powers given to the agent and under what circumstances those powers can be performed.
  • A general power of attorney gives an agent nearly unlimited control over a person's financial or healthcare decisions. It covers most circumstances and affairs of the person needing care.

We will help you determine the best option to meet your needs.

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