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Complex Estate & Trust Litigation

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Can an Old Dog Make New Gifts?: An Analysis of the Anderson v. Hunt Case and Determining the Standard for Mental Capacity to Execute an After Death Transfer by Trust - Law Firm Cooper - Gordon LLP Attorneys Santa Monica, California

Smart, Sweet, and Susceptible: Treading a Fine Line Between Mental Capacity and Undue Influence in the Preparation of Estate Plans for Elderly Clients

Los Angeles Estate and Trust Litigation Lawyer

The establishment and administration of trusts, conservatorships and guardianships can pose complicated legal issues that can be the source of disputes. The probate administration process and the validation of wills can also cause disputes that require litigation to resolve.

The attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP are assertive advocates with a record of success in litigating these types of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. We represent clients in all types of estate litigation cases, including those involving:

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Will Contests

Even though an individual prepares an appropriate will, upon his or her death there may be disputes concerning those documents.

In the case where a will supersedes or amends a prior document, contests may arise as to whether the individual properly understood what he or she was doing at the time he or she executed the subsequent document. Similarly, a contest may involve whether the document was properly witnessed or signed, or even what certain language in the document means.

The attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP have extensive experience in will contests. We understand how to investigate the facts and analyze the legal issues surrounding such disputes, and we will vigorously conduct or defend litigation on your behalf.

Trust Litigation

The establishment and administration of trusts is subject to strict guidelines under California law. One of the most frequent causes of estate litigation is the failure or alleged failure of the trust administrator to make timely or adequate distribution of trust proceeds to trust beneficiaries. Cooper-Gordon LLP has litigated numerous actions concerning constructions and administration

of trusts. We can evaluate your situation and undertake assertive litigation to protect your rights.

Will and trust contests and other estate litigation matters require unique skills to succeed. Cooper-Gordon LLP has the experience and abilities required to achieve results in your case.

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