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Advance Health Care Directives

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California Advance Health Care Directive Attorneys

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An advance health care directive (sometimes referred to as a living will) is a testament to the type and extent of treatment a person would like to receive at the end of his or her life. It can give instructions about surgeries, the use of a ventilator or other medical technology to keep a person alive, the amount of chemotherapy, and other procedures relating to end-of-life decisions. An advance health care directive can also appoint a conservator to make these decisions on a person's behalf.

End of life decisions are not easy to make, and they are especially difficult for family members who have no direction as to the wants of the incapacitated person. Taking time to express your wishes regarding these matters can relieve the burden on your family in a stressful and emotional situation.

The attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP are experienced in helping clients express their end-of-life medical care wishes in advance health care directives. We will discuss the importance of these directives and help you define the specific terms of the document.

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Changes to Advance Health Care Directives

California's Probate Code lays out statutory requirements for completing an advance health care directive and appointing an agent to carry out your end-of-life decisions, if you choose to do so. These requirements frequently change, so it is important to consult with an attorney to ensure your directive meets these requirements.

If you decide to complete an advance health care directive, an easy way to make sure it meets statutory requirements is to use the form provided by the probate code. However, it can always be modified to reflect your specific needs.

The lawyers in our office are very familiar with California's Probate Code and stay current with changes that could affect the completion of advance health care directives. We can discuss the factors in your situation and will work to draft a document that is right for you.

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