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Probate Mediation

Los Angeles Probate Mediation Attorney

In Southern California, as in many other jurisdictions, probate matters are often complicated disputes involving multigenerational families, conflicting interests, issues of competency, fiduciary responsibilities and a myriad of rules. Judges in Probate Court actually hear matters encompassing much more than the process of probating a Will. In other pages of this website we discuss what these matters may be and what procedures need to be followed to resolve those matters. Many times, rather than add to the already burdened court calendar with lengthy and unwieldy trials, a judge will order all of the parties into mediation.

Mediation is designed to save the parties significant money spent on attorneys fees, since, unlike family law, there is much less availability of being awarded statutory attorneys fees and costs payable by the other side to you for having had to bring or defend a matter. The parties and their attorneys have the right to choose their own mediator. Avery Cooper and Frieda Gordon are available to mediate such disputes and have had significant experience doing so. They are also well-equipped to work with a court-appointed mediator to resolve difficult disputes. Often times before litigation commences, it is advisable to try to mediate the dispute and avoid the cost of a lengthy and aggravating court process. Most cases amenable to such pre-litigation disputes would be disputes regarding the administration of Trusts, disputes regarding Will Contests and disputes regarding the setting up of Guardianships and Conservatorships. The attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP stand ready to help you try to resolve your probate dispute prior to litigation, through use of litigation and through private mediation.

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