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Individual and "Team" Mediation

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Los Angeles Individual and "Team" Mediation Attorney

Cooper-Gordon LLP’s attorneys have gone through extensive training in mediation. Mediation is a process whereby instead of litigating your matter, you and your spouse meet with either an individual attorney or a “team” of attorneys (often times one male and one female) for the purpose of assisting the clients themselves to reach an agreement. In certain circumstances, mediation can be cost-saving and a less stressful process than litigating.

In mediation, the emphasis is on acting as an intermediary and in leading the Parties so that they themselves come up with and agree to a resolution of their dispute rather than having the attorney act in the capacity of advisor or having a Court determine what is best.

The Mediator can be an individual or on occasion can be more than one person ( a “team”). This means, that you can have one mediator or if the parties feel more comfortable, two mediators (one male and one female) to assist them in the mediation process.

Through negotiation or mediation, the attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP help parents prioritize the needs of their children while creating parenting plans in order to avoid costly litigation. When the other parent is unreasonable or has impure motives for seeking or challenging a move, the attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP will vigorously represent their clients' interests in order to protect the best interests of the children involved.

The Attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP are experienced mediators who have mediated cases both privately and for the Los Angeles Superior Court. We would be pleased to have a consultation at a reduced rate to further describe this process with you so that you can determine whether this approach would be appropriate for you.