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Paternity and "Reverse" Paternity

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Los Angeles Paternity and "Reverse" Paternity Attorney

Parties engaged in a non-marital relationship who have a child often find the need to engage in an action to establish paternity. These types of actions include not only an adjudication of who the parents of a child are (both father and/or mother) but they also address issues such as custody and child support.

Often times, when non-marital couples reside together, the issue of paternity does not come up. When the parties separate and determine that they cannot agree on how to share the child or how much child support should be paid, one or both parties will usually consult an attorney regarding paternity.

In order for the court to adjudicate and determine custody or child support rights, the issue of paternity must first be established. Paternity is usually established either via genetic testing or by mutual stipulation. Even if the parties do not have any conflict regarding these issues, it is important to establish paternity so that in the event of death (particularly of a father) the minor child can assert an appropriate claim to a portion of the deceased parent's estate. Failure to determine paternity before the death of a party can create hurdles which will make a claim in the estate much more difficult to establish.

Our firm has handled paternity actions for many years and is available to consult with you concerning any of the aspects of a paternity action including the establishment of paternity, custody or visitation and child support.

As a postscript, it is also relevant to note that in certain circumstances, a party seeking to establish paternity may also be entitled to recover attorneys fees from the other side based upon a differential in their respective economic circumstances.