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Family Law Litigation

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Los Angeles Family Law Litigation Attorney

In California, most Family Law cases are resolved amicably. There are some cases, however, which cannot be so resolved either because the parties are at odds regarding one or more issues in the case or, alternatively, for whatever reason they cannot seem to come to an agreement.

In the event litigation is required, Cooper-Gordon LLP’s attorneys are prepared to assist you. Both Partners have been litigating Family Law matters for over 30 years and have significant trial experience in both short and lengthy trials. Cooper-Gordon LLP’s attorneys have litigated numerous Family Law issues including support, property division and custody.

Should your matter proceed to litigation, we are available to assist you in that regard. Our efforts are always to try to resolve the matter through settlement but if that is not realistic, we are available to litigate vigorously and protect our client’s interests. We are available to consult with you regarding any aspect of Family Law litigation you may need us to assist you in. During that consultation we can discuss the nature of the litigation, our fees and our thoughts regarding the dispute. We offer initial consultations at a reduced rate.

Oftentimes, contested dissolution cases require the services of experts to resolve complex issues related to property division or child custody. If the matter is highly adversarial, retaining qualified, reliable attorneys and experts is necessary to setting forth your best possible case. If the Parties’ are amenable, sometimes they can agree to use one qualified professional to resolve their dispute so long as both are willing to agree to the professional’s findings.

Over the years, the family law attorneys of Cooper-Gordon LLP have cultivated professional relationships with a multitude of respected professionals in a variety of disciplines. The attorneys at Cooper-Gordon LLP rely on these resources to ensure that the court or the parties in negotiations have the proper information to reach equitable and practical resolutions. Hiring independent professionals adds to the initial costs of divorce, but when utilized judiciously, employing experts can avoid costly litigation or prevent a costly miscalculation or manipulation.

We regularly solicit expert opinions for high net worth dissolution cases or high conflict High Conflict Custody & Visitation cases. Our Santa Monica firm represents clients across Southern California, including Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, the South Bay, and greater Los Angeles.

Many of the clients at Cooper-Gordon LLP are business owners, professionals, corporate executives and other high earners who have significant assets at stake, from multimillion-dollar homes to successful commercial enterprises. We retain experts as needed to facilitate resolutions and protect our clients' interests in custody determinations, Complex Property Division, alimony/spousal support, child support, paternity, legal separation, high asset divorce and other aspects of family law.

We have utilized the services of a wide range of financial experts and other professionals, including:

  • Business valuation specialists to assign value to the ownership stake of a company or professional practice
  • Real estate appraisers to determine market value of the marital home and other real property
  • Real estate agents to sell a house that neither spouse can afford or wants
  • Pension/retirement plan experts to draft a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)
  • Certified public accountants (CPAs) to address tax implications of divorce
  • Financial planners to offer advice regarding the allocation and investment of marital assets
  • Forensic accountants to trace unreported income or hidden assets
  • Vocational experts who can gauge a party’s earning capacity or the value of an advanced degree
  • Child custody evaluators and child psychologists who can assess each parent's fitness for custody or address the impact of the divorce on children
  • Private investigators to document behaviors such as inappropriate conduct around children or wasting of marital assets

Experts can strengthen your case, but they can also escalate conflicts. We use experts to resolve disputes and progress through the case, as opposed to using them for a “scorched earth” approach and attacking the opposing spouse.

Cooper-Gordon LLP can assemble a team of attorneys, support staff and independent professionals to meet your needs and resolve your case as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.