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Child Support

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Los Angeles Child Support Attorney

California has a very specific system for determining child support based on a complicated formula. The primary factors that go into the calculation are the amount of money each party makes and the amount of time that each party spends with the child or children. However, there are many other factors that are utilized.

Cooper-Gordon LLP is comprised of experienced child support and family law attorneys. We advise and represent clients in all aspects of child support, including:

When the parents of a child are living "separate and apart" (either as a result of their marital or non-marital relationship ending), either parent can apply for child support to be paid from the other parent.

Child support is calculated in California based upon a very complicated formula. The formula is so complicated that most lawyers utilize computer programs to calculate child support.

Child support is based upon a number of factors. However, far and away the two most important factors are the amount of money each parent makes (or is imputed to make) and the amount of time that each parent spends with the child.

As a result of the complicated formula, even though one parent may spend a minimal amount of time with the child or children, that parent may still be entitled to receive child support depending upon the differential in incomes between the parties.

It is always a good idea to at least have a brief conference with an attorney to have that attorney run a pro forma analysis in order to determine if the requesting party is entitled to child support and, if so, how much.

We can explain California child support guidelines and prepare a child support calculation for your particular circumstances. Call us at 800-561-6322 to arrange for a consultation at a reduced rate.

Child Support Can Change

Few things in life are constant, and that principle applies to child support too. The court will issue a temporary child support order at the time of the initial hearing, followed by a "permanent" order, which may or may not be the amount specified in the temporary order. Representation by an experienced lawyer at either of these stages can help you obtain the correct payment level; but the sooner Cooper-Gordon LLP begins working with you, the better.

Although the second order is commonly called the "permanent" order, it too can change over time as incomes and residence times change. Our attorneys can go to court on your behalf to obtain a modification in the support level in the event of a significant decrease or increase in income or change in residence time.

For a consultation with Cooper-Gordon LLP with main offices located in our Santa Monica offices, call 800-561-6322, or contact us online. We offer initial consultations at a reduced rate at a reduced rate.