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Frieda Gordon, founding partner at Cooper-Gordon LLP recently had the honor of authoring a chapter to a book entitled Strategies for Family Law in California, Leading Lawyers on Understanding Developments in California Family Law (Inside the Minds, 2012 edition).  This terrific book shares the perspective of a few very experienced family law attorneys solicited from throughout California to write on various topics within the framework of the title.  The different chapters provide useful tools for practicing attorneys as well as insights for parties to a family law matter as they anticipate or travel through the sometimes difficult, time-consuming, unpleasant and stressful maze of family law litigation.  This is not a self-help tool, but is intended to serve as an adjunct to the participation of an attorney.  The book addresses such issues as child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, community property, division of property, and tactical strategies for achieving the client’s goals.  Readers will learn important details as they might develop through various stages of a family law matter, such as what goes on during the initial client interview, how experienced lawyers handle complex cases, and what bearing the emotional aspects of a divorce or other family law matter, including custody and support petitions and post-judgment modification and enforcement cases, have on its outcome.  Copies can be purchased by clicking here.