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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Los Angeles Collaborative Law Attorneys

Parties willing to negotiate can often avoid costly, lengthy litigation. Rather than enter a courtroom and risk having a judge impose terms neither party finds satisfactory, they can use an arena in which the give-and-take of negotiation allows them to arrive at mutually agreeable terms. In mediation parties use a mediator as a go-between to discuss issues and consider possible situations to a legal dispute. In collaborative law, the parties work with their own attorneys within a defined structure to reach a settlement. At Cooper-Gordon LLP, our attorneys have participated in collaborative family law cases and have served as mediators for a decade. We have undertaken advanced training in mediation and collaborative law and are members of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association.

Whether representing clients in divorce medications or serving as collaborative attorneys, we are experienced and knowledgeable. To learn more about our mediation and collaborative law practice, contact the firm of Cooper-Gordon LLP today.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The law office of Cooper Gordon represents clients in these areas of alternative dispute resolution:

Determining Common Ground

Regardless of whether you are interested in mediation or collaborative law, identifying common ground is essential to ensuring that the process does not derail. Especially in family matters where emotions can lead one or more of the parties to seek retribution, we understand the importance of keeping discussions focused on key financial and legal issues.

When we act as legal counsel during collaborative family law sessions, we often work with experts to assist in determining values of marital assets or in determining custody and the best parenting plan. When we work as mediators, we assist the parties to come to their own agreement by dispelling misconceptions and laying out the facts and legal rights for the parties. In both cases, out attorneys emphasize what is in the rational, long-term interests of the parties and their children.

Contact Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Collaborative law and mediation can be effective means for avoiding a court ruling you may regret for the rest of your life. We can help clients take charge of their own futures by carefully guiding them through negotiations. To schedule an appointment and learn more about our alternative dispute resolution practice, contact the law firm of Cooper-Gordon LLP.