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Frieda Gordon and Avery Cooper have published numerous times in the Los Angeles County Bar Association Family Law Section News and Review, the Daily Journal Legal Newspaper, California State Bar Association Family Law Section News and the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists Newsletter.

New Cases of Interest to Family Law Litigants

New Law Signed After Chaos Erupted from Marriage of Boblitt Decision

The Perils and Frustrations of Making an Adult Child a Successor Trustee of Your Trust
By Frieda Gordon, Esq.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
By Frieda Gordon, Esq.

Modifications and Amendments to Trusts and Wills
By Avery M. Cooper, Esq.

Five Tips for Getting Through a Divorce
By Drorit Bick Raiter, Esq.

Advance Health Care Directives: How to Choose your Medical Decision Makers; The Importance of Preparing and Regularly Updating It; Keeping It Handy!

The Capacity To Divorce: How “With It” Do You Need to Be to Get Divorced?

The Marriage of Green: Are Funds Used to Purchase Premarital Retirement Credits and the Benefit from that Purchase Community Property?

The Marriage of Georgiou v. Leslie: A Review of the Applicability of Family Code § 1101 to Post-Judgment Dissolution Proceedings

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Marital Property Agreements as Part of Comprehensive Family Estate Plan

Recent Developments in the Law Regarding Spousal Support Modifications

Recent Case Law Affecting Pre-Nuptial Agreements

How The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 May Effect You

"Mom Always Liked You Best" How to Avoid Conflict when You Die or Become Incapacitated

Ten Simple Tips to Prepare For Your Initial Divorce Consultation and Your Divorce Case

Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation

Preparing for Your Initial Estate Planning Appointment

Complex Family Law Cases And Commonsense Approaches

Handling Emotionally Difficult Family Law Matters

Business Valuation in Divorce Proceedings: Understanding of the Basic Approaches to Value
By Frieda Gordon, CFLS

Presumed Parenthood for Same Sex Couples
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Drorit Bick Raiter, Esq.

Recent Changes in Family Law Move-Away Cases: (1) Navigating Between the "Best Interests of the Child" Rule and the "Changed Circumstances" Rule and (2) Courts Required to Assume that Parent Will Absolutely Move
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Erin Louria Zivic, Esq.

What Rights do "Non-Parents" have Regarding Visitation with Unemancipated Child Family Members?
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Erin Louria Zivic, Esq.

Annulment Update

POWERS OF ATTORNEY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part I)

Capacity to Marry - Which Standard Applies?
By Drorit Bick Raiter, Esq.

Managing Money Post-Separation: An Analysis of Marriage of Margulis
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Erin Louria Zivic, Esq.

Big Girls Don’t Cry, But Frankie Valli Does: An Analysis of In re the Marriage of Valli and the Effect of the Title Presumption on Community Assets
By Katherine Su O'Connor, Esq.

Can an Old Dog Make New Gifts?: An Analysis of the Anderson v. Hunt Case and Determining the Standard for Mental Capacity to Execute an After Death Transfer by Trust
By Drorit Bick Raiter, Esq.

Smart, Sweet and Susceptible: Treading a Fine Line Between Mental Capacity and Undue Influence in the Preparation of Estate Plans for Elderly Clients
By Erin Louria Zivic, Esq.

The Importance of Retaining Qualified Counsel
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Erin Zivic, Esq.

The New Estate Tax Law

Recent Case Modifies Current Law on Enforcement of Prenups
By Frieda Gordon, CFLS and Katherine Su, Esq.

The Benefits of Special Needs Trusts
By Erin A. Zivic, Esq.

The Confusing Issue of the Date of Separation

Who Has Standing to File a Petition for Nullity of Marriage? Comparing Our Case with Pryor v. Pryor
By Drorit Bick Raiter, Esq.

How I Spent My Spring Vacation
By Frieda Gordon, Esq.

Estate Planning for Owners of Intellectual Property
By Frieda Gordon

Options for Settlement when the Marital Estate is Upside Down

Mediating Inter-Generational Disputes
By Frieda Gordon

Ten Ways to Create an Effective Estate Plan
By Frieda Gordon

Borderline Personality Disorder
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Drorit B. Raiter, Esq.

Pet Trust Law
By Frieda Gordon, Esq. and Drorit B. Raiter, Esq.

Rousey v. Jacoway Extends Bankruptcy Protection to IRA?s
By Frieda Gordon

To Trust or Not to Trust? That is the Question
By Avery Cooper

When a Gift is Not a Gift. What Every Married Person Needs to Know About Fiduciary Duty
By Frieda Gordon, Esq.

A Comparative Analysis of the Use and Abuse of Minor's Counsel in the United States of America
By Frieda Gordon

Brief of Amicus Curiae, Butler v. Harris, Appellate Case No. D 036 144, Fourth Appellate District, Division One
By Frieda Gordon

The Survival of Grandparent's Visitation Rights Upon Termination of a Parent's Parental Rights: Whose Right is It Anyway?
By Frieda Gordon

A Walk on the Wild Side: Little Known Intellectual Property Rights Can Make for a Malpractice Minefield
By Frieda Gordon

Creative Ways to Designate Beneficiaries of Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans
By Frieda Gordon

Minors' Counsel Part III: The Conversion of Our Plans into Actions
By Frieda Gordon

Minors' Counsel Workshop: A Day of Sharing the First Step From Diversity to Unity in Application
By Frieda Gordon

The Future of Spousal Support: We've Come a Long Way, Baby
By Frieda Gordon