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The Cooper-Gordon LLP website is a place where you can get general information about probate, estates and trusts preparation, administration and litigation and divorce and other California family law related issues. It is not designed as a substitute for the services of an attorney nor for independent legal research. By making general information available, the Cooper-Gordon LLP website is not engaged in the practice of law and is not rendering specific legal advice. No attorney client relationship is created when you review and rely on the information contained in the Cooper-Gordon LLP website.

California's divorce and probate laws are enormously complex. Although it is hoped that the information contained in the Cooper-Gordon LLP website will answer many of your questions and provide you with general information about the legal process, we do not warrant that the information contained herein will apply to your unique factual situation.

The practices are different from county to county and often from judge to judge within a given county. Moreover, the application of the law is unique to the facts of every case. Thus, only an attorney can give you the precise information on which you can rely in your case. We are ready to assist you in order that you may accomplish this task.