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Collaborative Law

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Los Angeles Collaborative Law Lawyer

Collaborative law is a relatively new phenomenon for resolving the various matters arising out of divorce. The idea behind collaborative law is that the parties and their lawyers will "collaborate" in reaching an agreement rather than resorting to litigation. It offers many advantages over traditional means of dispute resolution for certain types of divorces.

At Cooper-Gordon LLP, our attorneys have undertaken collaborative law training and belong to the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Collaborative Family Law section. We can discuss whether collaborative law is the best legal technique to use in your situation.

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Is a Collaborative Law Solution Right for You?

In the collaborative law process, the spouses and their attorneys work together to identify particular areas of disagreement and possible solutions. It is less costly and contentious than litigation, and it generally provides results with less stress than litigation. It is a team approach where, when useful, the parties jointly employ coaches, such as therapists in custody situations, financial planners and/or forensic accountants, to assist in the dispute resolution. Collaborative law can enable the parties and their children to adjust to the new reality of their lives in a less stressful and more positive way.

During the collaborative divorce process, you and your attorney work directly with the other spouse and spouse’s counsel. All issues can be addressed in a collaborative law setting, including High Conflict Custody & Visitation, property division and spousal support. Collaborative law is especially useful in divorces involving complex matters like child custody, visitation and Complex Property Division.

Protecting Your Rights

Cooper-Gordon LLP always seeks the optimal resolution for our clients — the solution that will best help them move forward in life after the divorce. Many of our clients have found that a collaborative law solution enables them to resolve the various issues in divorce in a calm manner. The eventual divorce settlement growing out of the collaborative law process is more of a mutually agreed-upon result, rather than something imposed from the outside.

That being said, collaborative law is not right for everyone. Cooper-Gordon LLP can discuss your situation with you and recommend the best legal technique to use in your case. Whether you choose collaborative law, mediation, negotiation or litigation, we will work to obtain the best solution for you while protecting your rights at all stages of the process.

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